from the flour mill leader


from the flour mill leader

About the company

We are the leading company in the market of flour-grinding production. The main areas of our activity are the production of high quality flour and semolina.

The guarantee of high quality and safety of products is achieved through the introduction and functioning of a quality management system and food safety in accordance with modern norms and standards. During production, we comply with all requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2009 and DSTU ISO 22000: 2007. Our company's products do not contain GMOs and other harmful food additives.

The products of our enterprise are manufactured in compliance with all technical conditions in accordance with the current legislation, requirements of normative documents, sanitary norms and rules, which allows to ensure the achievement of the leading position in the domestic market and markets of the CIS countries.

Our advantages

Vinnytsia Bakery Integrated Plant №2 - the flagship of the Ukrainian flour-grinding industry. According to the results of 2017 - 2016, the company ranks first in Ukraine in terms of flour production and is among the top three domestic exporters of this product.

Flour TM "Vinnitsa Mlynar" is popular and well-liked by the consumers of Central, Southern and Western Ukraine, which makes our products more accessible far beyond its place of production.

The high quality of the enterprise's products is confirmed by numerous certificates of conformity and protocols of regular laboratory research. ISO 22000: 2007, HACCP

Thanks to the quality and stability of the work of VKKhP №2 Ltd, we have many years of successful cooperation with the best producers of bread and confectionery products in Ukraine.

The wide assortment of products of TM "Vinnyts'kyi molinar", capable to satisfy the most discerning consumer. Available packing - 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 kg.

Thanks to the consistently high quality products, the company has a large export geography. Production of VKHP №2 is exported to more than 15 countries of the world.

Delivery of products is carried out thanks to personal transport (flour trucks) and, if necessary, carries out search of vehicles for delivery of goods to the customer throughout Ukraine.

Optimally built logistics supplies of raw materials allows the plant to work in a year-round mode.

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23240, Ukraine, Vinnytsia region, Vinnitsa region, village of Desna, st. Gagarin, 6b.
Head of Sales (Internal Market):
-Yurii Mariushchenko
Sales department of finished products:
Head of Sales (Export):
-Vadim Dukhanin
Department of procurement of raw materials
Head of the raw material procurement department:
-Aleksandr Grinyak
(sales department of finished products)
(procurement department of raw materials)
(transport issues)
(personnel issues)
Ukraine, Vinnitsa region, Vinnitsa district, Desna village, st. Gagarin, 6b.