Semolina wholesale

Cereals are an important part of any diet. Their benefits are difficult to overestimate, since cereals containing special components cannot be replaced by another product. Recycled grains are present in culinary, bakery, confectionery and pasta products. Ukrainians especially love porridge, including semolina, familiar to everyone since childhood. Semolina wholesale Vinnitsa is present in the kitchen of any housewife, at enterprises where semi-finished products and pastries are prepared for sale. Dishes derived from semolina are considered very healthy for children and adults. And they are incredibly tasty if you know the recipe. This is a versatile product that can be added to various culinary products or taken as the basis of a dish.

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  • A hearty semolina porridge is very good for breakfast, thick or watery, but most importantly without hated lumps.
  • Semolina is added to minced meat when cutlets or meatballs are molded so that the mass is dense and does not spread when frying or stewing.
  • For a casserole with cottage cheese, soufflé or pudding, to give the product splendor and a special taste, semolina is suitable in bulk at an acceptable price.
  • When preparing pastries, such as cookies, pies, pancakes, muffins, semolina is added to make the dough elastic.

Semolina to wholesale in Ukraine: advantages and features of the product

Groats are a product of cereal processing. For semolina, a plant such as wheat is used. The grains are subjected to grinding to obtain small particles of a round shape. Hard and soft varieties of wheat, as well as their mixture, are suitable for production. Depending on the purpose of the application, small wholesale semolina is selected. To cook viscous cereals, casseroles and pancakes, a soft brand of wheat is suitable. Hard varieties are used for minced meat, soups and sweet dishes.

Semolina products are well absorbed by the body and have almost no contraindications (the exception is gluten intolerance). Porridge is recommended to be used as a dietary food for people with impaired function of the gastrointestinal tract, due to the high content of useful substances in cereals, a wide group of vitamins and trace elements.

  • If you buy semolina in bulk from a manufacturer to eat, you can eliminate the problems associated with diarrhea, constipation or flatulence.
  • Semolina helps to remove toxins from the body and cleanse the intestines.
  • In the postoperative period, for the speedy recovery of the body, doctors advise using semolina.
  • To always stay in good shape, be energetic and active, you need to eat a semolina product.
  • For diseases of the digestive system: ulcers, gastritis, inflammatory processes, it is useful to include dishes from semolina in the diet.

Where to buy semolina from Vinnytsia?

Semolina is easily absorbed by the body, relieves hunger for a long time, is well digested and does not cause heaviness in the stomach. It will always be in demand due to its beneficial and nutritious properties. If you are looking for where to purchase a large batch of high quality products, our company will find something to offer you. We have a large assortment of cereals and flour, which are produced by experienced specialists at a plant equipped with the latest equipment. Each stage of production is controlled for compliance with international standards. The grain crop is grown in ecologically safe places, without the use of chemicals. On the company's website, you can order semolina in bulk with delivery throughout Ukraine in order to get a certified product in the right quantity and at a favorable price.