We invite you to work

We invite you to work
4 September 2018, 14:16

Dear colleague!
We appeal to you as a future member of our team.


To date, our company is a team of professionals in the field of the production of high quality wheat flour. We are proud of our achievements and contribution to the Ukrainian economy. When choosing a team, we use a number of criteria that we define as a system of compulsory corporate knowledge:


creative approach

· customer orientation

· target for result

 · analytical abilities

· Team Leadership

· effective communication

as well as additional knowledge and skills:

· planning, organization

· self-motivation

· making decisions

· attention to trivia

There is a principle in our team: at first - "With whom to work?" (Value of personality qualities of a candidate with corporate values ​​of our company), and then - "What to do?" (Professional qualities of a particular candidate).


If you have these qualities and you think that you are not using your potential today, you just have to send your resume to: personal@vkhp2.com.ua


You can do this even if there are no vacancies that are of interest to you on the site of our company, but you surely see yourself in our company - write us a letter labeled "I see in your team".


We will be glad to cooperate!