Buckwheat groat kernels, 1 grade (50 kg)

Buckwheat should be present in the human diet so that he can receive the daily norm of useful substances, vitamins, microelements. This is a nutritious product from which porridge is cooked, side dishes are made, and flour is prepared. Whole, uncrushed grains of cereal are characteristic of buckwheat groats. The properties of buckwheat help strengthen the body, provide it with protection from diseases, increase hemoglobin, and reduce the risk of diabetes. Buckwheat dishes perfectly satisfy hunger, are easily digested, therefore they are prescribed for diets. For healthy nutrition, cooking tasty and healthy food, you can buy buckwheat kernels in a 50-kilogram package, securely and hermetically sealed, not letting in light, dust, air.

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 - 12.6 g
 - 2.6 g
 - 68 g
energy value (caloric value) per 100 g of product
 - 329 kcal
Qualitative indicators:
Bulk moisture content
 - 13%
Garbage impurity
 - 0.4%