Prepackaged sugar in a 1 kg package

Sugar is still an integral part of the diet for many people. It is added to a huge number of dishes and drinks, for example, jam, jelly, puff pastry, tea, coffee, etc. There are many recipes that use sugar for cooking fish and meat, as well as various exquisite delicacies. In addition to the fact that the product sweetens them and gives them a pleasant taste, it is quite rich in carbohydrates necessary for the body. Even those who completely gave up this ingredient prefer to keep 1 kg of packaged sugar at home, because it is always nice to please one of your friends or relatives with a freshly prepared delicious dessert or sweet tea/coffee.

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 - 0 years
 - 0 years
 - 99 years
Qualitative indicators:
Energy value (per serving)
 - 395 kcal (1654 kJ)
Glycemic index
 - 70 (tall)