Prepackaged sugar 1 kg paper bag

Most of us cannot imagine our lives without sugar and delicious desserts that use it as one of the main ingredients. This product is marked with the category "Commodity grade 3 (TS3)". The only difference from other grades is the amount of sucrose: TS3 contains 99.5%, and categories 1 and 2 - 99.7%, which is why this product has a slightly yellowish color. However, this will not affect the taste of prepared dishes and drinks. It is recommended to store sugar in its original packaging (paper bag), as it is the most ecological and harmless container, compared to polyethylene or plastic.

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 - 0 years
 - 0 years
 - 99 years
Qualitative indicators:
Energy value (per serving)
 - 395 kcal (1654 kJ)
Glycemic index
 - 70 (tall)