Prepackaged sugar 5 kg

Many experts (most often, nutritionists) often emphasize that sugar is harmful and it is desirable to exclude it from the diet. However, this is not quite true. For a person who has no contraindications, sugar in moderation has a beneficial effect on his condition: it improves mood, improves brain performance, and gives energy. For those who have sugar as an integral part of their diet or who prefer to be more thrifty, we recommend purchasing 5 kg of crystalline white granulated sugar, packed in a convenient, durable and environmentally friendly bag. This will allow you to provide yourself and your family with the necessary product for a long time at a bargain price.

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 - 0 years
 - 0 years
 - 99 years
Qualitative indicators:
Energy value (per serving)
 - 395 kcal (1654 kJ)
Glycemic index
 - 70 (tall)