Semolina (800 g)

Semolina  - one of the products that is present on our table almost daily. It is also a permanent and mandatory dish in hospitals, because its restorative properties for the human body have long been known. Favorably affects the cardiovascular system.

Semolina is a good prophylaxis of diseases of the digestive system. Experts recommend to necessarily include manna porridge in the diet of people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is included in the menu of people who have suffered from serious illness and surgery. It is nutritious, rich in useful vitamins and minerals, is well digested and does not damage the stomach.

Semolina enriches the human body with energy and energy, helps to cope with fatigue. With regular use, the pumpkin has a stimulating effect on the body. Experts note that the product helps to feel cheerfulness and energy potential.

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 - 10.3 g
 - 1.0 g
 - 68 g
Qualitative indicators:
energy value (caloric value) per 100 g of product
 - 328 kcal