Semolina МТ (50 kg)

A natural product of plant origin, semolina has not only good nutritional properties. It is easily digested, saturates the body for a long time, and is very useful for the stomach and not only. Thin porridge from semolina is prescribed to patients after operations as a dietary food that will help to recover faster. Semolina is useful in diseases of the cardiovascular system, indigestion, immunodeficiency. It contains vitamins and minerals that promote health, provide strength and energy. Not only cereals are prepared from semolina, but they also make casseroles, pancakes, pies, dumplings, sauces, and are used for breading. Our company manufactures the product from high-quality raw materials, and offers to purchase it packaged in 50 kg in tight, reliable packaging.

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 - 10.3 g
 - 1.0 g
 - 68 g
Qualitative indicators:
energy value (caloric value) per 100 g of product
 - 328 kcal